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Some PWIs and some reflections on blogging

It’s been a few weeks since I posted. I’ve been painting my nails; in fact, I think they are literally the longest they have ever been, right at the moment. (Usually they grow until one breaks, and I hack them all off. I don’t know why nothing has broken yet. Random chance, perhaps.) But although I have had PWIs to do, I haven’t had anything else to talk about, and I find that just posting pictures of swatches is not really as rewarding as blogging when I feel like I have something to talk about.

It’s not like nothing has been happening. Friends have visited for the first time since very early 2020, work always has something going on, life continues on. It’s just not the sort of thing I’ve been in the habit of talking about on this here blog, or perhaps the spark that makes it fun to write (and, one hopes, to read) has been missing.

I don’t really know, nor do I know what exactly I plan to do about it. Blogging is definitely good for me when I’m in the groove for it. Maybe I’ll just… post about nail polish for a while and see how I feel. Here, have a dump-o-polishes.

Leesha’s Lacquer, Huddled by the Heater. A pretty pinkish-copper with lots of bright sparks.
Pahlish, Heroes in a Half Shell. A lovely spring green with lots of gold shimmer.
OPI, Sweet Heart. A mellow, blush-y almost-nude pink. Much prettier in person.
Noodles Nail Polish, Lend Me Some Sugar. Basically a tan crelly with gold flakes. In reality it looks speckled rather than gold-flecked, which is okay but not what I was after. Very thick formula and no fun to take off.
MTK Design, All the Hype!. I didn’t end up getting a pic of this one that wasn’t just ugly. It’s a very sheer thermal jelly that goes back and forth between a bright (clear) peach and a rather dingy (clear) lavender-brown. Pretty in the bottle but on the nail, I was not enamored.

More to come, probably, perhaps. It depends apparently, in part, on the muse.

Quickie PWI: blue mood

I don’t have much to say about this one. It lives at my parents’ house, along with probably 10 others (I kind of leave a trail of polish when I go places). I used this one when the shiny red holo started falling off after swimming, and I was very pleased to find that I had remover, base coat, etc. all already there and waiting for me. Everyone defines home differently!

Sally Hansen Luster Shine in Azure:


The Lustre Shines are supposed to be iridescent. This one, at least, is not. If anything, it has a very slight purple duochrome effect. Mostly it’s a nice, pleasant blue nail polish. I put it on Saturday and I’m already getting significant tip wear Monday, so it may not make it much longer, but it’s very pretty.

Anyway. Not much to say. Just a straight-up PWI.

Shiny red kinda-holo

Spent the weekend at my parents’ house, swimming at their nice gym, playing with the kids, and generally having a lovely time. B will be fully, effectively vaxed this coming Wednesday, so we jumped the gun a little, but only a little, and nobody in either household was showing any symptoms of anything other than missing their relatives, so… we went.

Of course, that was enough activity for my nail polish to start cracking off, but fortunately I took pictures first. Unfortunately, I took them all after applying top coat. this is Phoenix Indie’s Fighting for Love and Passion, from the March 2022 Polish Pickup.

In my office, versus…
Direct sunlight.

So basically it’s a very true red with some holo that only comes out in sunlight. What’s weird about it—and the reason I said “unfortunately” about the pictures—is the polish looks very, very different before it’s top-coated. Without a top coat, it’s a dull-ish pinky-red with a lot of silver holo. After, it’s… well… none of those words. I’ve rarely seen a polish that changes that dramatically with top coat. I wanted a true red holo, but this, apparently, can only be one or the other.

I’m very on the fence about this month’s PPU. There are a couple of polishes I find interesting, but only one I really want, and for just one bottle with fixed shipping, it’s a very expensive way to buy nail polish. On the other hand, I want it an awful lot. 😬 I’ll probably dither until I run out of time, but who knows.

Can’t even describe this purple indie

It’s not that unusual to find a polish I can’t photograph for love or money or this blog. Some of it is because polish makers love to play with light and glitter and holographic sparkles, and some of it is my camera skills and setup. However, it’s fairly unusual to find a polish where my eyes can’t even quite work out what’s going on. So believe me when I say these pictures, while interesting are not representative of the sheer weirdness that is Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Jawsome.

Most of the time it reads as glowing pale purple, like a lavender, with a whole lot of little silver sparkles going on. However, it also seems like, no matter how you shift it, you’re not really seeing it—like you just need to shift it around again and you’ll finally catch the angle where you are really getting a good look at it. Mr. F thinks the duochrome shift (mostly gray to purple) is strong enough that your two eyes are seeing slightly different colors, so it always looks slightly hard to see. Of course, if you’re not staring at them, I am sure you would basically just come away with the impression of “grayish purple” and be done.

I dunno. It’s weird. It’s hard to describe. And it is completely impossible to photograph. Better bloggers than I have tried, and they have done better, but really, that shit’s surreal. Well, my next one’s much easier to handle.

Fake nude nails

So for reasons only partly related to this blog, I was going back over old pictures of nail polish things I had done. It’s been a few years, but I did a bit of a push on nail art a while ago, and I still have photos, so I will be posting them here when I feel the need to hide in blog content instead of doing something productive.

However, despite the varying and in some cases not terrible nail art I have pictures of, I am instead going to post the one that I personally find most amusing:

Two different colors of nail polish. Information about what the specific colors are is lost in the mists, although I bet I could find the nude if I really tried.

Yep. It’s my nails, painted to look like I am not wearing nail polish. I was going to an NSF workshop that I felt rather insecure about, and my nails were somewhat stained from all the polish, so I decided to paint them nude. Then I happened to have a bottle of a sheer white nearby, so I swiped the tips and painted it all with matte top coat.

It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. It’s a French manicure, carefully done in shades intended to look like it’s in no way a manicure. And of course it worked as intended, because nobody ever looks closely at anyone else’s nails, and anyway I could have worn any reasonably professional shade of polish and nobody would have cared very much. But it remains amusing to me!