Also, perfumes? I guess that is a thing too?

So since I seem to have a blag in which I talk about the things in my life that have few outlets, I’m going to say stuff about perfumes! Why not?

The perfume my brother picked out for me ohhh let’s just say quite a long time ago is still wonderful. I wore it exclusively for many years (I’m not a “perfume wardrobe” kind of human). But, things change. I still think it’s wonderful, but it’s not a great reflection of my personality any more. I want to find a perfume that I’ll wear for the next  ten, twenty years. Which means I’ve gone from perfume monogamy to perfume dating? And there is NO good matching algorithm, let me tell you.

Mostly, what I’ve done about it is collect small samples that I rarely think to try, and then when I do try them, I immediately forget what I thought of them. So I guess this is a reasonable place to record them?

In that spirit, I recently (re)tried:

l l
Burberry Body, CB Russian Caravan Tea, CB In the Library. Uh… I’ll probably
never show a picture of a CB perfume again; they are all packaged EXACTLY the same.

Burberry: Body – This was very, very floral, and very, very unoriginal. One of the “yep, lotta perfume smells like that” ones. Also, it made both cats get up and leave?? So, no.

CB I hate perfume: In the Library – I quite liked the scent, which does smell book-collection-ish. But it turns out that (1) libraries smell partly of dust (ew), and (2) liking something and wanting to be that thing, it turns out, are different.

CB I hate perfume: Russian Caravan Tea – I remember really liking the smokiness to this, but as my little sample bottle aged, I feel like lemon became the predominant note. I maaay pick up another teeny decant, but I don’t think it’s got the characteristics I’m after.

On a side note, Christopher Brosius (the “CB”) is an interesting dude. He has a manifesto, because he is an artiste. Nonetheless, he targets specific smells (Tea Rose, Russian Caravan) and … sort of scenes, like Summer Kitchen and Greenbriar 1968. Others are more “inspired by”, like 7 Billion Hearts. Basically, I respect what he does? But the wear time is frequently very short, and they’re expensive.

2 thoughts on “Also, perfumes? I guess that is a thing too?

  1. I’m in the same boat! Still looking for the right perfume, now that I’ve finally outgrown the one you got me. They don’t make it anymore anyway, so the bottles I have are getting weaker and weaker, and the wear time is getting shorter and shorter. –Mama T.

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