Can’t even describe this purple indie

It’s not that unusual to find a polish I can’t photograph for love or money or this blog. Some of it is because polish makers love to play with light and glitter and holographic sparkles, and some of it is my camera skills and setup. However, it’s fairly unusual to find a polish where my eyes can’t even quite work out what’s going on. So believe me when I say these pictures, while interesting are not representative of the sheer weirdness that is Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Jawsome.

Most of the time it reads as glowing pale purple, like a lavender, with a whole lot of little silver sparkles going on. However, it also seems like, no matter how you shift it, you’re not really seeing it—like you just need to shift it around again and you’ll finally catch the angle where you are really getting a good look at it. Mr. F thinks the duochrome shift (mostly gray to purple) is strong enough that your two eyes are seeing slightly different colors, so it always looks slightly hard to see. Of course, if you’re not staring at them, I am sure you would basically just come away with the impression of “grayish purple” and be done.

I dunno. It’s weird. It’s hard to describe. And it is completely impossible to photograph. Better bloggers than I have tried, and they have done better, but really, that shit’s surreal. Well, my next one’s much easier to handle.

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