PWI: Sally Hansen Grape Going! Plus, JERBS

For those who are following along at home, here’s the interview scorecard:

  • 1 (R) – A good school, a decent interview.  I wasn’t smitten, and I doubt they were.  I didn’t make a fool of myself but I don’t expect followup.
  • 2 (F) – A fantastic research fit, but a social fit that really concerned me.  OTOH, they made me an offer, and they offered me the moon and the stars.  If they want me that badly, I’m willing to try to make it work.
  • 3 (G) – A fantastic research fit.  A fantastic social fit.  A fantastic place.  I would sell… something important to work there.  They loved me, too; they told me so.  But they’ve interviewed some truly amazing people, and it’s all down to the shouting, now.  It’s an engineering department.  There will be shouting.  (But please, please, please?)
  • 4 (U) – Smaller school, less of a research fit, but I would fill some painfully obvious holes they have, and socially it was awesome.  People were direct, honest, forthright, and kind.  I enjoyed the heck out of my visit and I would work there if they offered.  Also, the closest to Super Woman and Dr. D of anyplace I interviewed.

I expected to hear from #3 today, but didn’t.  I actually managed to work myself into a state where I was womity just from nerves.  Finally I said screw it and fell back to my usual reaction to adversity: sulking and nausea.

And, oh, food.  Coq au vin (traditional style, so it took 4 hours), cauliflower puree, skinned drumsticks in batches in the freezer, and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts in brown sugar and bacon glaze.  (Um… I have leftovers… help?)  I actually managed to fight down the urge to call an impromptu dinner party and make everyone individual Cornish game hens, but it was a near thing.

And, as happens when the going gets confusing and adult, I have been painting the crap out of my nails.  It is consequence free.

Today’s offering is Sally Hansen Grape Going!:

Reddish purple!  [hand tilt]  Bluish purple!  …am I more excited than this warrants?

A blue-purple duochrome,* which is pretty awesome.  That said, it has some problems.  One is sheerness, as this is like 4-5 coats, meaning way more chances to screw up.

The second, and far worse, is how subtle the color shift actually is.  I needed this super-direct setting-sun light to get a real purple – the mildly uninteresting mid-tone blue on the right is more the default look.

Anyway!  Tomorrow I will hear something maybe or maybe not!  Please, um, just please cross your fingers, or pray, or whatever your superstition is and all, or nothing.  Just… please.

* Two different colors in different lights / at different angles.  The word is also used for polishes that shift among >2 colors, which makes Grammar Hulk aaaangry because it should obviously be multichrome.  You wouldn’t like me when I‘m… using the red pen

PWI: Urban Outfitters Smush

The other day I found that my grocery store has green olives stuffed with feta cheese, AND green olives stuffed with raw garlic, which I am now happily alternating.  I thought about entitling this post “How to never be kissed again.”

I recently mentioned my random bottle-grab Smush as a dumb name for a color.  But then it was on the surface, so here’s Urban Outfitters Smush:

Indoors, obv.  This didn’t stay on long enough for a daytime
shot!  Read on to find out why I have one weird green nail…

I was applying this, and I was thinking, “Seafoam, hm hm, seafoam… … didn’t I just do an Urban Outfitters seafoam color?  Is this a PWI fail?”

So of course I looked in the box, and discovered that UO Girrl Like You is a green seafoam, not a blue seafoam.  Silly me!  Hence the accent nail, for comparison purposes.

I’ve a bit of a dilemma.  Smush is a cool color, something I would like to have, but the formula is god-awful.  It’s streaky, chalky, draggy and miserable.  This is three coats, and the pinky still has a drag line; I chose the accent nail because the middle finger had the worst coverage.  I did not enjoy playing with this polish, which is super unusual!  Keep or ditch, keep or ditch?  Either way it’s hall of shame.

Man.  Now I’m out of olives.

PWI twofer: Sinful Colors Aqua and Shattered Rocket Fuel

Occasionally  I look at the little bin of things that are post-Project Wear-It, then at the burgeoning bin of things that are still waiting, and I make a little sad noise.  Then I remember that it’s just nail polish for crying out loud, if it makes me sad it’s a stupid hobby.

Then I make a little sad noise.

I made lunch (and dinner) from scratch today!  Chicken stew.  But I was playing around, as I do when I have no-one else present to poison, and it’s… well.  I should have made more instacurry.  I would describe it as barely edible.  So I am sad about that (and a little hungry)… which means I should show you nail polish!  Yes.  Yes it does.

Sinful Colors Aqua:

Pretty color!  It’s not quite this… electric in person.  However, since
it was a horrid gray rainy day even by Seattle standards, I’ll take my
bright colors where I find them.  Even in misleading photographs.

This is so similar in the bottle to SC Gorgeous, when I find it I’ll show you.  This is a very pretty blue-leaning aqua, and Gorgeous is a sliiiigghhtly green-leaning aqua.

But I had an ulterior motive, which was to provide a base for a polish that must be 15 years old minimum, about which the Internet knows nothing (damn kids)

Behold!  Shattered Rocket Fuel:

Green and blue bar glitter everywhere!  I, I swear.  Honest?  This isn’t even
lighting, it’s just teal, honestly the camera adds drama here, I  don’t
understand photography apparently, why does the camera add drama.

Yes, it… also looks pretty teal, doesn’t it.  Hrm.

See this is actually a mix of beautiful blue and green bar glitter.*  In the bottle it looks like some kind of jewel.  But in person it looks.. well, aqua.  Especially from more than 6 inches away.  It’s pretty, especially in indoor light, but compared to the bottle it is disappointing.

What the bottle looks like; what the polish looks like with a little distance. Here
the bottle looks less exciting than in person, and my nails look more exciting
and glowy.  It’s the same damn polish, camera.  What do you want from me.

Ah, well.  Pretty is still a good thing.  I vaguely recall doing roommate E’s nails with this over purple and liking the results, maybe after PWI I’ll try that.

(PS: Also: It may seem as though our living room floor is covered in random objects.  In fact, they are cat toys.  I don’t know what to tell you.)

* Bar glitter means “long thin glitter”.  It tends to hang off the sides of your nails or stick straight up or otherwise be a pain.

Lazy curry dinner

Mr. Fix-It is out of town, and as much as I love to cook, I really don’t get any kick out of cooking for one.  Nobody does!  It’s depressing!  So usually when he’s out of town I subsist on boiled eggs and cheese sandwiches.  But, I am trying to do better.

Dinner Thursday was actually, in my opinion, surprisingly successful, for using stuff from the corner drugstore and taking barely longer than boiling eggs.  Also, Mr. Fix-It hates curry, so I got a curry fix.

    Step 1: Thaw a chicken breast,* cut it into teeny pieces, and quick-like cook it up in a pan.  (I used sesame oil.  I always use sesame oil if I can get away with it.)  Dump in a bowl. 

    Step 2: In the same pan, scramble an egg.**  Dump in the bowl. 

    Step 3: Take a one of these of these:

A Taste of Thai Quick Meal Yellow Curry Noodles!
Amazon, get this back in stock, Bartell’s is too far away

and (same pan! no rinsing it!) follow the stupidly-easy stove-top instructions. 

    Step 4: Add egg and chicken back in. Stir. 

    Step 5: Dump everything all together into bowl.  Eat.

Easy? Yes.†† Haute cuisine?  Absolutely not.  Better than a cheese sandwich?  Yes!  And honestly, better than or equivalent to about ⅔ of the Thai on the Ave.

Plus, I really like finding goofy things to do with convenience foods.

* Okay, that part didn’t come from Bartell’s
** This one did though!
Dump everything into pan, boil. “Everything” is: a cup of water; a large packet of “coconut milk powder”; a small packet of mysterious, slightly sweet yellow-powder-with-dried-stuff in; a tiny plastic pouch of oozy red curry paste.
†† You know what’s even easier though? Without the protein additions this is meant to be microwaved inside that box there!

So far…

Update: I am color-coding this list by day, starting with Saturday.

Food tourism:
  • Waikiki beach @ sunset
  • Wandering Waikiki shopping strip 
  • Honolulu aquarium 
  • Reading by hotel pool
  • Long walk along the beach at night, with incoming/attacking tide 
  • Chilling by hotel pool together after a long outing (QK hotel)
  • Viewing the sunset over the beach, with a drink and delicious snacks (Moana Beach bar)
  • Spending time together, admiring the Honolulu skyline (Wai’olu Ocean View Lounge)
  • Saw (part of) the Waikiki Beach Hula Show, which was honestly awesome.
  • Another lovely sunset.
  • Some more time chilling by the pool and eating burgers. So nice…
  • A bunch of work 🙁 
  • Water & Dew
  • Island Girl nail polish
  • Sunscreen
  • Sarong (whee!)
  • DayQuil (sigh)
  • Feminine supplies (double sigh!)
  • Iced, canned Kona coffee
  • Flip-flops
  • Red clay baked salt (for Coopers)
  • Turkey, cheddar, milk, dew, water, bread (it’s time!)
  • More nail polish
  • Postcards and stamps
Upcoming super interesting food reservations: 3
Books read: 4? 5?
Schlocky-fun books read: see above

Sick husbands: 1 🙁 🙁 🙁

Hotel: tiny room, very clean, excellent pool & poolside bar
Ocean view from hotel: yes (still!)
Devoted bloggers made ecstatic: 1! still! ecstatic!