Lazy curry dinner

Mr. Fix-It is out of town, and as much as I love to cook, I really don’t get any kick out of cooking for one.  Nobody does!  It’s depressing!  So usually when he’s out of town I subsist on boiled eggs and cheese sandwiches.  But, I am trying to do better.

Dinner Thursday was actually, in my opinion, surprisingly successful, for using stuff from the corner drugstore and taking barely longer than boiling eggs.  Also, Mr. Fix-It hates curry, so I got a curry fix.

    Step 1: Thaw a chicken breast,* cut it into teeny pieces, and quick-like cook it up in a pan.  (I used sesame oil.  I always use sesame oil if I can get away with it.)  Dump in a bowl. 

    Step 2: In the same pan, scramble an egg.**  Dump in the bowl. 

    Step 3: Take a one of these of these:

A Taste of Thai Quick Meal Yellow Curry Noodles!
Amazon, get this back in stock, Bartell’s is too far away

and (same pan! no rinsing it!) follow the stupidly-easy stove-top instructions. 

    Step 4: Add egg and chicken back in. Stir. 

    Step 5: Dump everything all together into bowl.  Eat.

Easy? Yes.†† Haute cuisine?  Absolutely not.  Better than a cheese sandwich?  Yes!  And honestly, better than or equivalent to about ⅔ of the Thai on the Ave.

Plus, I really like finding goofy things to do with convenience foods.

* Okay, that part didn’t come from Bartell’s
** This one did though!
Dump everything into pan, boil. “Everything” is: a cup of water; a large packet of “coconut milk powder”; a small packet of mysterious, slightly sweet yellow-powder-with-dried-stuff in; a tiny plastic pouch of oozy red curry paste.
†† You know what’s even easier though? Without the protein additions this is meant to be microwaved inside that box there!

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