oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! (job interview)

So, it hasn’t come up on the bloggityblag before, but I’m actually… on the job market. (dum dum dummm) And ohmygosh you guys I just got called to set up an interview ohmygosh!

Why is this worthy of so much frothing at the mouth? Well, see, I’m applying for positions where they hire 1-2 people/year, and routinely get 500-1200 applications. …which is insane. They don’t even bother to give you a “no” – you just wait until around April, and then you’re like, “well I guess I need a plan B?”

So, even getting called for an interview is a major achievement. I sent a lot of applications, so it’s also kind of reaffirming.  But mostly, oh gosh someone read my stuff oh gosh!!

In the interests of making this marginally less dull, here, have another cat.

beloved Dot

oh my gosh oh my gosh

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