Project Wear-It: OPI Eurso Euro

This is an older picture, but I think it still makes sense to continue plowing through Project Wear-It, even though committing to not wearing it for a while makes me cry a little inside. Here we go with OPI Eurso Euro from the Europe Centrale collection:

It doesn’t even matter that my photo is bad when the
polish is so freaking gorgeous. Direct, overcast sunlight.

This is one of only two polishes that I have a (deliberate) backup of. I cannot get over how much I love this color. It’s a very saturated, intense, blue-leaning indigo*; not only is it just so freaking beautiful, but oddly, it actually manages to look professional! Ish. I mean, for blue. But mmmm so lovely.

I want a polish with this level of saturation and purity in every possible color. Please?

* “Blurple”? Really? Isn’t indigo already the color between blue and purple? And sounds less like an involuntary bodily function? “Hang on… oh god I’m gonna blurple

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