Project Wear-It

Project Wear-It was inspired by The Crumpet‘s apt observation that we tend not to wear the polishes we’ve had for a long time (original post here). However, unlike all the actual organized bloggers out there, I haven’t the first idea what I’ve worn or when I got anything. I mean, I can say “Oh, this one must be from about five years ago,” but that’s about it. Plus, even though I try not to, I’m pretty sure I re-wear a few polishes colors a lot and neglect others.

So I’m starting this blog to chronicle Project Wear-It, in which I am going to go through my entire polish collection and wear every single thing. To make this work, I am not going to re-wear any polish until the whole thing is over. (It feels like such a commitment!)

Obviously there will be exceptions, if I’m particularly inspired, or have a job interview, or have the perfect polish for a special night out, or whatever. But for the day to day what-shall-I-grab question, the answer for a while is going to be: Always something new.

Wish me luck!

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