Quickie PWI: blue mood

I don’t have much to say about this one. It lives at my parents’ house, along with probably 10 others (I kind of leave a trail of polish when I go places). I used this one when the shiny red holo started falling off after swimming, and I was very pleased to find that I had remover, base coat, etc. all already there and waiting for me. Everyone defines home differently!

Sally Hansen Luster Shine in Azure:


The Lustre Shines are supposed to be iridescent. This one, at least, is not. If anything, it has a very slight purple duochrome effect. Mostly it’s a nice, pleasant blue nail polish. I put it on Saturday and I’m already getting significant tip wear Monday, so it may not make it much longer, but it’s very pretty.

Anyway. Not much to say. Just a straight-up PWI.

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