This is a blog that was originally started to chronicle Project Wear-It (or PWI), my effort to wear every nail polish I own once before I wrap around. (Original post here.) It rapidly turned into a place to talk about school and work, keep people informed as to my status, and generally babble.  So it’s mostly a nail polish blog.

When I started this blog I was an engineering grad student, now I am engineering faculty. I own a moderately insane amount of nail polish, but I’m planning to use the tags on this blog to actually quantify a lot of things about my collection.  I also like, and occasionally post about:

  1. Cats.  Because I have awesome cats!  (And the internet obviously needs more cats.)
  2. Robots.  Because robots are awesome!
  3. Women in technology and whatnot. (It’s not like I can hide from it.)
  4. Other beauty things I guess?  Sometimes?

So that’s the rundown!  When all’s said, though, mostly I talk about nail polish. 🙂 And I’m friendly.  Stick around and see what you think!  Or if that’s not your gig, carry on.

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