Some stuff happened today

Let’s see.  I went by a Sephora but wasn’t wowed by anything, sadly.  I tried a friend’s mini of OPI (unlabeled, I think it was Down to the Core-al), but I dinged it basically instantly, so not much point taking pictures; it’s a nice bright (definitely neon) coral shade.

Had a nice goodbye dinner with friends (sniff), finished off a six-year-old <!> painting project… dunno.  It was a nice day!

Oh, and defended my Ph.D. dissertation successfully.  So that was nice too.

One thought on “Some stuff happened today

  1. Because you’re amaaaazing! *pom poms* *fireworks* *cheerleaders* *glitter bombs* *baby laughs* *kitty snuggles* Congratulations, Dr. M!

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