Steampunk R2-D2!

Okay, confession time: I really do love steampunk.  Not for any good reason, it just tickles my aesthetic bone.  A lot!  Despite the fact that one of the best definitions I’ve ever seen is “when goths discovered brown” (Jess Nevins).  What can I say?  I want to replace all my light switches with teeny double-throw knife switches.  (Fake ones, because knife switches were always a terrible idea.)

So you can imagine how this little dude from artist amoebabloke hit me.

eeeeeeeeeee you are so cute
(source: amoebabloke’s deviant art page)

He’s quite small – from shots with tools in the background, I make him about 2″/5cm diameter.  And, sadly, nonactuated.  This distressed me until I found… this guy!

He’s not quite as pretty, but he’s actuated and he’s lovely.

Thank you, internet, for giving people a reason to do these things and a way to share them with us.  This is as it should be. ♥

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