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Despite various threats leveled at various mediocre nail polishes on this blog, I have never actually gotten rid of nail polish very much. This is partly because I like nail polish, and partly because if I am going to get rid of it, I want it to go to someone, and not to a landfill. This is not easy to accomplish.

Enter “Buy Nothing” groups (https://buynothingproject.org/). Briefly, they are hyper-local (like, a borough, or small town, or part of a larger town) giveaway groups, largely hosted on Facebook. They are a brilliant way to get rid of small or one-off things that will probably get thrown away by standard donation sites.

Like, you know, 150 bottles of nail polish:

Roughly 150 bottles, just counting the first row and multiplying. Another handful got added after this was taken.

I worry that the person who took these didn’t really quite know what they were getting into, but a lot of people indicated interest, so they can always regift some subset of them.

I have mixed feelings about it and a little bit of remorse. But I have ready storage room for about 700 bottles of polish, and that was getting tight, which is ridiculous. Most were chosen for being extremely similar to others, a few for being minis, a few for being something I won’t use again under any circumstances, and a handful for not fitting in my storage boxes (ahem, Funky Fingers).

And now I am solidly comfortable buying polish again. Going through all my polish bottle-by-bottle also rekindled my desire to paint all the nails, so I am counting it as a win.

Still. It is best if I don’t look at that pic, because it gives me grabby fingers. *mourns slightly*