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Sunday Lazy Sunday

I’m sitting and fiddling with blog settings while Mr. F and both boys sit on the couch behind me and play Mario Kart. Today we got both boys haircuts; Friday night I cut Mr. F’s. hair and yesterday he trimmed all their various and sundry nails. So much keratin removal! We can feel productive even though there’s loads left to do. But when isn’t there?

Typing that block made me feel guilty so I’m going to go load the dishwasher.

~long pause~

Okay, what it actually needed was unloading, so I did that. What really needs to happen is laundry, but that’s a little more involved so I’m stalling. Why am I telling you this? I dunno. Soaking in the enjoyment of my little family having a good time in Mario Kart is warm and contenting, but doesn’t really engage my brain very much, and I don’t feel like working.

Here’s some content, such as it is: How I Store My Nail Polish.

Nail polish stuff! The clear plastic things, obviously, hold polish. The bins to the left contain things like clippers, tweezers, nail glue, a rhinestone picker, stickers, etc. Lots of etc. The stuff underneath is evenly split between additional nail polish-related stuff, and random junk that got stuffed there. I would like to find the right shape of bin to make those more accessible drawer-like enclosed storage, but haven’t done so yet.

I actually have a Helmer (the piece of IKEA furniture most polish aficionados swear by), and I do not like it. It’s too hard to see all the polishes. Instead I have a bunch of these separated boxes (not the exact brand, lots of people make them) that store 48 polishes each, 24 on each side. That way I can pull them out and look at all the polishes contained therein, instead of just having drawers where all I can see is rows of black caps.

When Mr. F and I moved in together, we each lived in a fully furnished house. Shortly thereafter, I went to grad school in an other city, where I proceeded over the course of (ahem) seven years to build up an additional household of stuff, albeit a smaller one. So now we have so much stuff. Taking stuff to Goodwill is a pretty frequent occurrence, and we try to take advantage of Craigslist and (now) Buy Nothing, but it’s really slow. And it’s easier to add stuff than to get rid of it, which is ass-backwards.

Ugh. This post just makes me want to be productive in some fashion. I’m going to go measure those slots for some kind of basket. (Update: oh, they’re designed for letter-size paper. 8.75″x11″x4″, roughly. Not trivial, but I think I found something. We’ll find out in a few days.)

Update, later: Apparently tomorrow is Valentine’s day, which means we have two small boys’ classrooms full of cards to deal with. Mr. F went on a quest to find some, and everyone has already switched to Easter stuff. Argh! So we ended up printing some cute cards, hole-punching them, and sticking lollipops through the holes. Half-assed crafts projects save the day! I have been waiting my whole life to say that.

wot’s all this then

Yaaay!  Let’s see, what’s the last thing I wrote…

When I unpack I might actually pay enough attention to figure out things […] … or I may be swamped with the new life.* Hard to know.

Oh yes!  The ridiculously prescient thing!  Except I didn’t mean quite that swamped.

Well, here I am again. It looks like I’ve started to post a few times in the intervening (good grief) seven years, but generally time—or possibly self-imposed priorities—have not permitted. I don’t know if they will permit going forward, either, but I’m going to give it a bit of a try. I need things to do in the evening that are more self-care than productivity, and nail polish and its attendant musings are a thing. I don’t think anyone still reads this, and that’s okay, because really I am writing for me.

So, couple-three things have happened. I’m up for tenure now. We have a couple of small humans who are at least as charming as cats, if in a less fuzzy way. We have a house. Global pandemic. All kinds of things. I’m not spending as much time on nails, for two reasons:

  1. I don’t need the escapism quite as much as I did during my last year of grad school.
  2. I don’t have time.  (Seriously.  Not even close.)

That first one is interesting.  The last year of grad school – the thesis writing/job hunting part – was so, so strange.  Part of what made it so strange was just how oblivious I was to how strange it was at the time, in retrospect. I enjoyed grad school but I don’t miss that. But nail polish has always gone in waves for me. I’ll paint my nails consistently, get bored, stop for a few months (or years), start again, etc. I don’t think I had painted my nails since the pandemic started, but suddenly I am feeling it again, and that’s good too.

There’s so much I do want to talk about, though.  Nail polish, faculty life, faculty standards of dress and nail polish and beauty, cooking, papers and moving and transitions… and since this is my space, I guess I will just start talking about it.

So… hello again!  Here is some nail polish.

Red and yellow polish on nails

A beautiful thermal polish from Twisting Nether Lacquer, rather unglamorously entitled “Ketchup and Mustard.”

Project PWI may be dead, or I may limp along on it. Life has a way of intervening. But I am still planning to post pictures of polish as I wear it, because it serves a good record-keeping purpose. This one ranges from fairly pure, transparent yellow to true, if somewhat muted, red. I wish I had taken more pictures. Unlike many themals, it changes right around body temperature, so it actually changed a great deal as I wore it, instead of staying stuck solidly on “cold” or “hot” like so many do.

More soon, hopefully. Hopefully not another 7 years from now. But we will see!

* And boy, did I ever not know at the time how literal that was. Faculty interviews while 2-3 months pregnant are not a joke. But it worked out.