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Fake nude nails

So for reasons only partly related to this blog, I was going back over old pictures of nail polish things I had done. It’s been a few years, but I did a bit of a push on nail art a while ago, and I still have photos, so I will be posting them here when I feel the need to hide in blog content instead of doing something productive.

However, despite the varying and in some cases not terrible nail art I have pictures of, I am instead going to post the one that I personally find most amusing:

Two different colors of nail polish. Information about what the specific colors are is lost in the mists, although I bet I could find the nude if I really tried.

Yep. It’s my nails, painted to look like I am not wearing nail polish. I was going to an NSF workshop that I felt rather insecure about, and my nails were somewhat stained from all the polish, so I decided to paint them nude. Then I happened to have a bottle of a sheer white nearby, so I swiped the tips and painted it all with matte top coat.

It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. It’s a French manicure, carefully done in shades intended to look like it’s in no way a manicure. And of course it worked as intended, because nobody ever looks closely at anyone else’s nails, and anyway I could have worn any reasonably professional shade of polish and nobody would have cared very much. But it remains amusing to me!

My favorite white, because class prep sucks

A couple of years ago, I spent a few semesters teaching remotely. It suuuucked. I mean everyone knows this by now, nobody liked that part. I was trying to work remotely while also proctoring virtual kindergarten part of the day, and it was a very serious hit to my productivity and my teaching quality, but what could we do?

Anyway, when kids are actually in school and I’m not teaching, working from home occasionally is nice, so now we both do it one day a week. Last semester we did it on Thursdays, now we’re doing it on Wednesdays out of deference to my teaching schedule. Unfortunately, I handle change about as well as your average three-year-old, and I cannot stop thinking it’s almost Friday when we spend the day at home. Which means I forgot I have to teach tomorrow. And now that I’ve remembered, the strength of the don’t wanna vibes would also put the average toddler to shame. So I will talk about nail polish.

White nail polish is a classic, not to mention being a nice underlayer for all kinds of shiny toppers and nail art. (It’s also usually a pain, and tends to be sheer, streaky, or both—this is three coats.) Unfortunately, stark white looks terrible on me, like I went nuts with a bottle of correction fluid. So I was a little surprised and very pleased when I discovered that OPI It’s In the Cloud looks pretty good:

Kinda white! Kinda. I think the little decoration stickers are from Kiss.

It reads as white from any distance, but it’s really a beigy, greigy off-white that is somehow usually quite flattering on me. Today I have had lobster hands (possibly because it’s finally warming up), but I’m still enjoying it, and it makes a pretty base for all kinds of little rhinestone-type embellishments. (I originally typed “whinestone,” which I frankly kind of want to keep in deference to where my head is right now.)

Now I guess I have talked about nail polish. I guess I’ll go do at least some minimal class prep before morning. I guess. Ughhghhgghhg.

Edited to add: Looking through old photos, I’ve used this polish as the base for various nail art additions at least 3 times before:

I don’t think the photos need another whole post, though.
Pretty sure I did these with individual rhinestones and studs and tweezers.
I really like the combo, apparently.