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Fake nude nails

So for reasons only partly related to this blog, I was going back over old pictures of nail polish things I had done. It’s been a few years, but I did a bit of a push on nail art a while ago, and I still have photos, so I will be posting them here when I feel the need to hide in blog content instead of doing something productive.

However, despite the varying and in some cases not terrible nail art I have pictures of, I am instead going to post the one that I personally find most amusing:

Two different colors of nail polish. Information about what the specific colors are is lost in the mists, although I bet I could find the nude if I really tried.

Yep. It’s my nails, painted to look like I am not wearing nail polish. I was going to an NSF workshop that I felt rather insecure about, and my nails were somewhat stained from all the polish, so I decided to paint them nude. Then I happened to have a bottle of a sheer white nearby, so I swiped the tips and painted it all with matte top coat.

It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. It’s a French manicure, carefully done in shades intended to look like it’s in no way a manicure. And of course it worked as intended, because nobody ever looks closely at anyone else’s nails, and anyway I could have worn any reasonably professional shade of polish and nobody would have cared very much. But it remains amusing to me!