Zoya Earth day exchange!

Okay, I have a real post (several) in the pipeline, but I wanted to get this out there real quick.  Zoya is an expensive-ish brand of nail polish, out of my price range usually, but once a year, for Earth day, they do an exchange – (almost) everything half price, and you can send them unwanted bottles of polish to dispose of in an environmentally appropriate way.  I am planning to buy me some Zoya!

Why am I telling you this?  Well, because there are a lot of polishes to choose from.  Like… a lot.  And, as with the repeat wearings of polishes, I end up pretty much just choosing the same colors over and over when shopping.  (I have so much teal…)

I am the one behind the monitor waggling toys
at him.  So basically my life is awesome despite
advisers, because… I mean look at him.

So if any of you wanted to nail shop vicariously through me (or, actually through me, I guess), you  could go to this page right here and choose some stuff for me to buy.  And to subsequently put on my body.*  Or your body.  Or Mr. Fix-It’s body!  Heck, I’m easy.

* Edited to add after questions. Yes, I will totally buy polishes you suggest ironically, and I will wear them.  And furthermore, I will make them look good.  Hit me.

One thought on “Zoya Earth day exchange!

  1. Well, you asked… Also, who names a red nail polish “Jade”?

    Zoya Nail Polish in Jade
    Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Destiny
    Zoya Nail Polish in Tanzy
    Zoya Nail Polish in Piaf
    Zoya Nail Polish in Neely
    Zoya Nail Polish in Mosheen
    Zoya Nail Polish in Indigo
    Zoya Nail Polish in Areetha
    Zoya Nail Polish in Kaufda

    –Dr. P

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